Never Superman

“Unlimited power is apt to corrupt the minds of those who possess it.”
— William Pitt the Elder

This stupid flu advancing through my flesh
Has worsened overnight, much like that gang
of nasty little pricks who filled their wish
For joyrides with my car.  My job still hangs
In Layoff Limbo too . . . but soon the land
Would know relief if I were Superman!

You brutal tyrants can’t escape my coup,
And thieves, go enter college, find a job,
Since crime no longer pays!  Above all groups,
I oversee each social trend and stop
Injustice at its birth!  Our planet stands
For Paradise, all thanks to Superman!

 I tend the masses, keeping watchful should
They hope to stray beyond my boundless sight!
I note their grateful bows . . .  
but never should
I hear their prayers to other gods, feel spite
Like Pharaoh scribing laws in shifting sands,
“Oh, Lord.  Deliver us from Superman . . . 

My well-intended wish is best left checked
Forever by diminished skin and bone,
A state insuring nations won’t reflect
On holocausts played in my mind alone.
If truth and justice ever have a chance
To thrive then pray I’m never Superman.




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