Orphan Black: The IDW Miniseries

The fourth season of Orphan Black is underway and over the years the show has garnered a solid fan base.  As of this writing, 727, 809 individuals like the official Orphan Black page on Facebook, and 132,666  have shown support for the page dedicated to the show’s star, Tatiana Maslany.  Message boards, a wiki, and […]

Diagnosing Sherlock: A Cursory Review of Trends

  While a psychology major at San Jose State during the mid-1980s, I interacted with a group studying psychopathology with Sheila Bienenfeld, a professor famous for using biographies of noted writers to teach diagnostic methodology.  Here assigned selections included Louise DeSalvo’s Virginia Woolf: The Impact of Childhood Sexual Abuse on Her Life and Work and […]

The Great Midlife Rereading Project

2016: the eternal goat fuck.  Actually, my current path began in July 2015, the beginning of the last fiscal year, when upper management changed my job classification to one with a limited amount of per-year hours attached to it.  Now until July 1, 2016, I hang on to the remaining sixteen like a Bedou clinging […]